onsdag, september 24, 2014


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BLAST RADIUS asks: what happens when writing crosses the boundaries, when new artistic forms, when text, when visual art, when music, when filmmaking, when performance, when critical theory, when tongues, when the graphic novel, when a poem, when a play, when experiments, when concrete poetry, when literary collage, when performance scores, when sound and visual poetry, when poet’s theater, when hyper-opera, when conceptual writing, when theory-fiction, when electronic and multimedia scripts, when live film narration, when ghostcatching, when cutting and scratching, when installation, when supertitling, when a notepad, when spirit-writing, when a soundbite, when a webpage, when black holes, when a blog, when ritual, when protest, when a bio, when re-verb, when a tag, when trance, when a confession, when a plea, when today, when the blast, when its radius, when a mapping, when a happening, when event horizon, when a joyous con-fusion, when texts and objects, when acts and processes, when sites, when situations, when events, when &Now . . . then CalArts.

We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting proposals for panels, presentations, collaborations, roundtables, performances, actions, readings, screenings, and situations. Anyone can submit a proposal; you do not need to be associated with an academic or any other institution. We welcome submissions from visual artists, musicians, and performers as well as from writers, and we strongly encourage proposals from groups and individuals from populations normally underrepresented at innovative, avant-garde, and experimental literary arts gatherings. We encourage pieces that promote collaboration; perform interventions on movements, timelines, canons and other gatekeepers of the status quo; and/or focus on unsung, obscured or recently departed practitioners. Some panels may be offered in Spanish with interpreters, depending on the number of submissions for Spanish-language events.

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