torsdag, december 14, 2017

More Pleasant Adventures

The first year was like icing.
Then the cake started to show through.
Which was fine, too, except you forget the direction you’re taking.
Suddenly you are interested in some new thing
And can’t tell how you got here. Then there is confusion
Even out of happiness, like a smoke—
The words get heavy, some topple over, you break others.
And outlines disappear once again.
Heck, it’s anybody’s story,
A sentimental journey—“gonna take a sentimental journey,”
And we do, but you wake up under the table of a dream:
You are that dream, and it is the seventh layer of you.
We haven’t moved an inch, and everything has changed.
We are somewhere near a tennis court at night.
We get lost in life, but life knows where we are.
We can always be found with our associates.
Haven’t you always wanted to curl up like a dog and go to sleep like a dog?
In the rash of partings and dyings (the new twist),
There’s also room for breaking out of living.
Whatever happens will be quite ingenious.
No acre but will resume being disputed now,
And paintings are one thing we never seem to run out of.
- John Ashbery from A Wave (1984)

tirsdag, december 05, 2017

”Når jeg skriver er jeg på svampejagt”

 I anledningen af 100-året for Finlands selvstændighed som republik sætter LiT.House fokus på en af den finske litteraturs mest fascinerende skikkelser: digteren og prosaisten Pentti Saarikoski (1937-1983).
Kom glad i morgen til et åbent arrangement om den finske digter Pentti Saarikoski i København. 
Peter Højrup, Peter Laugesen og Martin Glaz Serup  læser op af og diskutere deres yndlingspassager fra Saarikoskis lyrik og prosa.
NB! Egentlig skulle Hanne Højgaard Viemose have været med om bord, men hun blev forhindret, så jeg er trådt til som stand-in.
Tid: 6. december 2017, kl. 16-17:30
Sted: Søndre Campus, Karen Blixens Plads 7
Arrangør: Københavns Universitetsbibliotek, Søndre Campus / liT.House