søndag, juli 30, 2006

Bloggen holder stadig ferie, but but but...

I’m so damned literary
and at the same time the waters rushing past remind me of nothing
I’m so damned empty
what is all this vessel shit anyway
we are all rushing down the River Happy Times

ducking poling bumping sinking and swimming
and we arrive at the beach
the chaff is sand
alone as a tree bumping another tree in a storm
that’s not really being alone, is it, signed The Saw”

- Frank O’Hara fra Lunch Poems (1964)

fredag, juli 28, 2006

Bloggen holder stadig ferie, men måske ses vi i aften alligevel?

A special presentation of the Fifteenth Annual Conference of the New Chaucer Society

Friday, July 28 at 8pm
Fordham University Lincoln Center Campus
(113 West 60th St., in Manhattan)
Lowenstein 12th Floor Lounge
*free and open to the public*

Organized by David Wallace, University of Pennsylvania
Host: Charles Bernstein, University of Pennsylvania

Susan Stewart, Princeton University
Dreaming after Chaucer

Wendy Steiner, University of Pennsylvania
"The Loathly Lady: An Animated Opera."

Caroline Bergvall, Bard College
Performing Chaucer's Feasts

Co-sponsored by Poets House and the Medieval Club of New York

Kornkammer er flyttet!

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