tirsdag, august 30, 2016

For the past few years, publishers and editors have shown interest in bringing back into print my early uncollected essays and reviews, of which there are hundreds, beginning in 1964 when I was a graduate student. David Jonathan Bayot, my editor friend in Manila who edited my interviews, Poetics in a New Key, first for his DLSU Press and then for Chicago, took on the task and had a university press lined up, but the difficulty was copyright. The press in question declared that the Wallace Stevens quotes in Essay #1 would have to be renegotiated, and the demand goes on from there. The John Cage Trust wanted $500 for five lines of a John Cage mesostic. I decided that such expenses were disproportionate for a collection of old essays, all of which are available, to someone with access to a good university library, in the periodical first published. But since this collection covers the years 1964-94 before digital versions were available, I wanted readers to know about them. The best solution seemed to be to put this book up only on my own website, marjorieperloff.com/, which was designed some years ago by two brilliant digital scholars--Amaranth Borsuck and Marie Smart. Amaranth has also contributed to the redesign.
As it stands, I hope this collection will be an experiment in free access, in which I strongly believe. It is available to any and all viewers at no charge and I have had to pay no charge to various copyright holders. Perhaps this is the wave of the future for material of this sort.
I hope you will find the book useful.

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