tirsdag, maj 06, 2014

Poetry Reading: Recycling Gertrude Stein + Concert with Samuel Vriezen

May 8, 20.00-23.00, @University of Copenhagen, Njalsgade 80, Copenhagen S.
in room 11C.0.08

Recycling Gertrude Stein, part 1

Ida Börjel (SE)

Niels Frank (DK)

Lene Asp (DK)

Martin Glaz Serup (DK)

21.00 in room 16.3.46

Samuel Vriezen: Time and Motion in Text and Music
A performance lecture with compositions for text, voices and piano

21.45 (Room 11C.0.08)

Recycling Gertrude Stein, part 2

Juliana Spahr (US)

Christian Yde Frostholm (DK)

Peter Laugesen (DK)


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Martin Glaz Serup sagde ...

Fra Gertrude Steins digt A Valentine to Sherwood Anderson i anledning af den store konference der begynder om lidt i KBH!!!


Why do you feel differently about a very little snail and a big one.

Why do you feel differently about a medium sized turkey and a very large one.

Why do you feel differently about a small band of sheep and several sheep that are riding.

Why do you feel differently about a fair orange tree and one that has blossoms as well.

Oh very well.

All nice wives are like that.

To Be

No Please.

To Be

They can please

Not to be

Do they please.

Not to be

Do they not please

Yes please.

Do they please

No please.

Do they not please

No please.

Do they please.


If you please.

And if you please.

And if they please

And they please.

To be pleased

Not to be pleased.

Not to be displeased.

To be pleased and to please.


One two three four five six seven eight nine and ten.

The tenth is a little one kneeling and giving away a rooster with this feeling.

I have mentioned one, four five seven eight and nine.

Two is also giving away an animal.

Three is changed as to disposition.

Six is in question if we mean mother and daughter, black and black caught her, and she offers to be three she offers it to me.

That is very right and should come out below and just so.

Martin Glaz Serup sagde ...

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