tirsdag, oktober 19, 2010

October 16 through December 19 2010 Martin Glaz Serup exhibits The Field as an installation in the NOT CONTENT-serie at LACE in Los Angeles, USA. NOT CONTENT is curated by Teresa Carmody and Vanessa Place of Les Figues Press. The Field will be published as a book on Les Figues by 2011 translated from the Danish by Christopher Sand-Iversen.

Writer’s Statement: In the FIELD, I take something very well known (in Denmark, but, I would think, worldwide, more or less), and let it become estranged. A place where you can project the text—so to speak—or your reading of it. A place without a fixed age, a fixed sex, a fixed social situation or context. And then again…one of the effects of the FIELD, I think, is that it sort of vibrates in the reading: in the beginning it’s strange, then, because of the repetition and predictability, the FIELD disappears, and in glimpses it breaks back into the reading and destabilizes it just a bit. The FIELD simply becomes a name, but the name of everybody, everybody’s autobiography. I see THE FIELD as a big contemporary novel. Also I think ‘the field’ is a significant space of, and is associated with, the shift from an industrial to an information society in the West. Until recently agriculture was by far the biggest industry in Denmark and nothing is so Danish as the green or yellow fields in the wind etc. The FIELD is an installation and a book. In the original book (and partly in the translation), there are many references to traditional Danish songs too (lullabies, harvest songs, etc.); I also think the field is a mental landscape, a general (and visual) metaphor for THE PEOPLE.

Harold Abramowitz took the photos above at the
Give A Fig: 4th Les Figues Benefit Auction on October 17th 2010. See more of his pictures from the event here.

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